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League of legends: Teemo the CAT!?

Dougie with the cat

I asked My cat to dance

What you licking at?

What you licking at?

Kobe always the Boss

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people who know me both on the internet and in real life must be so fucking confused

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When I was much younger I enjoyed every second of my life, I used to be curious about everything, yet afraid of many things, often times I would day dream about the future. I used to assume I was born in the best period of humanity, I thought the two world wars we’re over so humans must have sorted their shit out. I never used to consider where the human race was heading, I trusted the adults and I believed they had everything planned out and all would be fine. Then one day it dawned on me, I noticed some hair on my chest, someone called me sir, I realized I was an adult, & at that point, I realized nobody knows what the fuck is going on. 

Most people like to run around in this society and act as if they know what is happening and why. I don’t fully comprehend why things are happening the way they are, but I do fully comprehend that we are fucking it up. We are the stupidest animal; A bird does whatever it wants, it will build nests and create a family and continue to do whatever it wants. Humans do what they think they ‘need’ to do. We have much more of a creative capacity then a bird, yet I envy the birds. Our human creativity is nullified by human apathy & atrophy. We are restricted by monetary control, social injustice, & peer pressure. Peer pressure will be the death of the human race, for if we continue to buy shit we don’t need to impress our peers there will be no clean air for the next generation. Why do we design products that don’t last for ever? Because we don’t have the ability to? Wrong, it’s because of profit.

A Few picz taken from my friend Monica S. took of me :D

12/11/12 Kunal and I

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